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In a case of a multi-link suspension, when one of the elements is damaged, it can negatively affect the rest of the system. Therefore, we recommend replacing all bushings at the same time. To facilitate the selection of appropriate elements, we have prepared dedicated sets of bushings for the most popular car models. All you need to do is enter one code to order the whole set.

How dedicated sets of bushings can help?

With one number we can complete the whole set of bushings consisting of several elements. Searching for each element individually is time-consuming and in addition it may happen that an element is omitted, which in turn will delay the service or what’s worse it may block the service place for a longer time.

Of course, it is important that when you select a set of dedicated bushings, you can check which elements are included in such a set. Thanks to this, we can also choose additional elements and properly prepare for the exchange process. The suspension scheme in our catalogue has all the elements of the set marked.

Rear suspension scheme Mitsubishi Outlander 2006-2012
Rear suspension scheme of Mitsubishi Outlander 2006-11 -> 2012-11. The dedicated bushing set elements are highlighted.

TEDGUM® dedicated suspension sets allow to:

  • decrease a service cost for a customer
  • one-time service for the entire suspension
  • save time
  • guarantee high quality of repair

Which cars are the dedicated bushing sets available for?

The most common suspension sets are available for cars with a multi-link suspension, because the bushing selection problem is most noticeable in these cars. However, smaller sets for other types of suspension are also available.

Examples of suspension sets:

Ford Mondeo set of bushings picture
FORD MONDEO 2007-2015
Alfa Romeo set of bushings picture
ALFA ROMEO 159 2005-2011
Mitsubishi set of bushings picture

More sets can be found in our catalog.

Please note that the sets are dedicated to the original and undamaged swingarms. Some sets are available with bolts.

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