Privacy policy (GDPR)

I. General provisions

1. Glossary of terms

a) Website – the Website operating at

b) User – a natural person for whom the Administrator provides services electronically via the Website.

c) Device – an electronic device together with the software through which the User gains access to the Website

d) Cookies – text data collected in the form of files placed on the User’s Device

e) Administrator – Personal Data Administrator referred to in point I.2

2. Personal data administrator

The administrator of personal data is TEDGUM Prosta Spółka Akcyjna, ul. Zabrzańska 22, 41-708 Ruda Śląska, Tel. No. 32 240 15 43, e-mail:, NIP: 641-256-03-32.

3. Personal data

In order to improve interaction with the Website and receive statistical data, the Website uses data stored in cookies. For additional services, such as: subscribing to the mailing list, contacting the Administrator to obtain commercial information, individual valuations, contact via forms available on the Website, the Administrator requires the User to provide necessary data to provide the above-mentioned services.

The User has the right to view, edit and delete stored private data at any time. The personal data obtained is not disclosed to external entities without the user’s consent.

In order to delete or view data, please contact the Administrator.

4. Cookies

The Website uses cookies, which are designed to use the full capabilities of the Website and collect anonymous data that help improve the functionality of the Website. By deciding to use the Website, the User confirms acceptance of the use of cookies. The user can independently disable the saving of cookies through the appropriate settings in his web browser (details of disabling acceptance of cookies can be found on the Websites of browser manufacturers). Disabling cookies may, however, cause the Website to malfunction.

5. Contact forms

The Website uses contact forms aimed at improving contact with the Administrator. The forms contain the necessary data to enable the submission of an offer. The data provided in the forms are transferred directly to the Administrator’s server. The data provided in the forms are not transferred to third parties. If you do not accept sending data via the form on the Website, we encourage you to use another form of contact that will be accepted by the User. The user may at any time request information about what his data is processed and ask for a change of data, or their complete deletion if the presence of user data is not associated with the necessary processing resulting from legal provisions.

6. Newsletter

a) Processing of Newsletter data

By subscribing to the mailing list (Newsletter), the user agrees to the processing of the data provided for the purpose of sending by the Administrator of the offer and other commercial information in the form of electronic correspondence to the e-mail address provided by the user.

b) Access to personal data, change and opting out from the Newsletter

Newsletters sent by the Administrator contain a link to the page where the User may change his data or unsubscribe from receiving the Newsletter.

c) Newsletters tracking

Newsletters sent by the Administrator have so-called tracking pixels, which have the form of miniature graphics in HTML format. They make it possible to save and analyze events that occurred in relation to sent newsletters. These events include information on the correct delivery of the newsletter, opening and invocation of bulletin links. This data is intended to conduct analyzes and to better tailor the way the newsletter is delivered and to analyze the content in order to better tailor the newsletter content and to remove any errors. Tracking data is associated with the email address provided during registration to receive the Newsletter. This association is not shared with any third parties. By subscribing to the newsletter, the User agrees to the processing of this data by the Administrator.

7. Web-chat-box

The Website uses an online chat-box that allows you to contact the Administrator live when using the Website. The condition of the Website’s operation is the presence of at least one person operating the system. Data is not transferred to the entity. To improve the quality of service, call history data is stored for up to 30 days.

8. Online catalog

Access to the online catalog is free in basic functionality. In order to obtain additional catalog functionality such as visibility of goods availability and price offer as well as the possibility of B2B orders.

When registering to the catalog, you must accept the catalog regulations, which are available during the registration process.

9. Other forms available in Website

Forms in which personal data must be provided are available on the Website. The forms contain a clause of consent to the processing of data necessary to consider the form. The form without consent is considered as undelivered and any data received will be automatically deleted from the system.

II. External services

The Website uses the services of external entities that can use their own cookies and collect other anonymous data for proper operation. The user may block cookies of external Websites, however, this may lead to incorrect operation of the Website. The Website uses the following external services:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Yandex
  • Bing
  • Tidio

III. Website requirements and restrictions

1. Disabling/blocking cookies

Disabling/blocking cookies can slow down system performance, incorrect content display, and other unwanted activities. Users disabling cookies do so at their own risk. Details of disabling cookies can be found on the web browser manufacturers’ Websites.

2. Errors on the site

The administrator makes every effort to ensure that the site does not contain errors, and in the event of irregularities found, immediate steps are taken to rectify the problems. Nevertheless, the Administrator is not responsible for errors or any incorrect operation of the Website.

IV. Final provisions

By using the site, you accept cookies and the above provisions.

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We would like the use of our website to be comfortable for all users. This is possible thanks to the storage of cookies in the user’s browser and the processing of anonymous data for statistical purposes by TEDGUM Tadeusz Wojciechowski, based in Ruda Śląska 41-708, ul. Zabrzańska 22 and its Trusted Partners. Our Privacy Policy contains all information regarding the method and scope of data processing. The user may at any time ask for sharing and changing the data stored by the website administrator.