Rubber flex disc with reinforcement

The flexible shaft joint (flexible disc, flexible rubber joint) is an element that usually consists of a rubber disc, metal bushings and an internal braid. It is placed between the shaft and the transmission. It provides vibration damping and a limited mobility. This element, like other components of the propeller shaft system, is exposed to high overload. You can read more about flexible joints in our post: Rubber elements in the rear propeller shaft.

We are manufacturing flex discs in various sizes and types, designed for automotive as well as for industry.

Below is a list of examples of flexible discs available in our offer. The entire offer and application details can be found in our free online catalogue by clicking on the picture of a given element or at:


Flexible driveshaft disc (kit with bolts)

OPEL: Movano


Flexible driveshaft disc (kit with bolts)

BMW: F07, F10, F11, F18, F21, E84, F34, F31, E92, E93, F30, F25, E70, F16, F15, E71, F26, F33, F22, F23, F32, F36, F20, E88, E91, E12, E34, E90, E46, E87, E30, E39, E28, Z3, E24, E81, E82, E53, Z4, E23, E32, E38
VOLVO: 740, 260, 760, 960, 240, 940


Flexible driveshaft disc

BMW: E46, E83, E66, E65, E39, E38, E83, E64, E63, E90, E88, E82, E87, E91, E92, E61, E60, E93, E81


Flexible driveshaft disc

BMW: E64, E65, E66, E84, E63, E61, E91, E92, E60, E90


Flexible driveshaft disc

OPEL: Frontera


Flexible driveshaft disc

BMW: E31, Z8, E38, E32, E34, E39, E46


Flexible driveshaft disc

LAND ROVER: Range Rover-II, Discovery-I


flexible disc Mercedes
Flexible driveshaft disc

MERCEDES: SLK, E-klasa, CLK, C-klasa


flexible disc Volkswagen
Flexible driveshaft disc (rear)

VOLKSWAGEN: Transporter Syncro/4Motion


flexible disc Renault
Flexible driveshaft disc



flexible disc BMW
Flexible driveshaft disc

BMW: F12, E64, F13, F06, F01, F02, F03, F04, E63, F10, E82, E88, E60, E61, E81

The above items are only an example of the list of flexible driveshaft discs available in our portfolio.

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