TED99705 puller manual

In the guide below, TEDGUM shows the replacement of the rear differential bushing using the TEDGUM® TED99705 puller.

The puller enables correct disassembly and assembly of the bushing directly on the car, without having to remove the rear subframe. Thanks to the use of a triangle thread, the puller is characterized by high durability. To facilitate work and ensure proper operation, lubricate the screw and bearings.

Below we present the replacement process for TEDGUM 00082043 rear differential bushing:


Put the drive plates together.


Mount the drive plates on worn bushing and socket area. Than, mount the bolt.


Tighten everything together and make sure that drive plates are correctly placed on the socket and worn bushing. Before disassembly, mark the position of the old bushing to properly press in the new one.


Before pressing the new boshing it, clean and lubricate the socket (tire mounting paste is suitable).


We put a collar on the element that pressed out with the old bushing, so the new bushing is correctly supported.


Set the new bushing accordingly (Note! It is not symmetrical), put on drive plates and remove the clearance.


During assembly, we monitor whether the bushing correctly enters the socket.


Correctly mounted bushing.

The puller can be applied to:
BMW Z4 (e89), BMW 1 Series (e81, e82, e87, e88),
BMW 3 Series (e46, e90, e91, e92, e93),
BMW 5 Series (e60, e61),
BMW 6 Series (e63, e64), BMW 7 Series (e65 , e66).

Manual shown above is just a presentation showing how the repair procedure can be made. TEDGUM® company does not bear responsibility for any errors in the manual and incorrect interpretation of the manual. Repair should be proceded by skilled personel with the use of appriopriate tools and with keeping all the safety means. All rights reserved.

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