Ball joint bushing puller TED99545 manual (BMW, Opel, Saab)

The puller enables correct assembly and disassembly of the bushing directly on the car. Thanks to the triangle thread, puller has a high durability. To ensure proper operation, lubricate the bolt and bearings.

The puller can be applied to:
BMW 1 Series (e81, e82, e87, e88)
BMW 3 Series (e36, e46, e90, e91, e92, e93)
BMW X1 (e84), X3 (e83), Z1, Z4
OPEL VECTRA (1995->2003), SAAB 9-5 (1997->)

Below is the user manual for the puller:


obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99545 1
Put the drive plates together.


obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99545 2
Put on the drive plates and the bolt on the worn bushing in socket.


obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99545 3
Turn everything together. During disassembly, check that the bushing goes out the socket correctly.


obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99545 4
Remove the worn bushing and thoroughly clean the socket.


obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99545 5
Grease the socket and set the new bushing accordingly.


obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99545 6
Put on the drive plates and tighten everything together.


obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99545 7
During assembly, monitor whether the bushing goes into socket correctly.


obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99545 8
Correctly pressed in bushing.

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