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Bushing pullers

The domain of professional car workshops is their punctuality and efficiency. The professionalism of repair in the shortest possible time is of increasing importance. A shorter occupation of the workshop place by a given vehicle translates into greater man-hour efficiency as well as greater business profitability and customer satisfaction.

Often, workshops have a problem with seemingly simple repairs, the realization of which turns out to be very time-consuming. One such repair is the replacement of the suspension bushing. It happens that the disassembly of the entire suspension elements – for example, the steering knuckle or the rear beam – is very problematic due to seized or even broken bolts.

Being aware of these inconveniences, we have developed puller kits that allow you to replace the bushings without removing the main suspension components from the vehicle. We make repairs on the vehicle, disassembling only the adjacent auxiliary elements. This significantly shortens the repairs and limits the possibility of additional costs for the customer, which may be the replacement of bolts or brake hoses.

All our bushing pullers can be found in our catalog.

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