Correct installation of coil spring rubber inserts


What are the coil spring inserts?

Coil spring inserts are rubber elements that, mounted between the coils of the springs, harden the suspension and increase its stabilization. The inserts are made of an appropriate rubber mixture. They have a special cavity that facilitates a stable setting between the coils of the springs without the use of additional mounting elements.

Why use rubber inserts?

Thanks to the use of inserts, the ground clearance in the car is increased, and the hardening of the suspension allows you to carry a heavier load without lowering the suspension too much. Depending on your needs, you can use one to three cartridges for one spring.

How to install the coil spring inserts in the car?

Below we present brief information on how to mount the insert between the spring coils. The whole process is not complicated and is carried out without dismantling the spring. During assembly / disassembly, particular care should be taken to ensure that the car is stable on the jack.



Place the car on the jack to stretch the spring. REMEMBER! The insert assembly process is performed without disassembling the spring.

If lifting the car does not make it possible to mount the insert to the springs, use spring compressors. The pullers must be attached the other way around in order to stretch the spring. It is best to mount them between four turns.

Place the insert in the middle of the coil spring height, winding it on coils.



After lowering the car from the jack, make sure that the collars of the insert are wrapped in the spring.



Correctly mounted element.

Coil spring inserts in our offer

We offer spring inserts in 3 sizes. They fit most passenger cars, vans and SUVs.


Universal coil spring insert
distance between turns = 22 mm


Universal coil spring insert
distance between turns = 23 mm


Universal coil spring insert
distance between turns = 33 mm

Manual shown above is just a presentation showing how the repair procedure can be made. TEDGUM® company does not bear responsibility for any errors in the manual and incorrect interpretation of the manual. Repair should be proceded by skilled personel with the use of appriopriate tools and with keeping all the safety means. All rights reserved.

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