Installation of the ribbed insert to the engine mount

TEDGUM provides a solutions that allows to repair an OE engine mount. Thanks to the fact that our inserts have a ribbed outer surface, it can be pressed in engine mount that have a socket measuring 72-75 mm diameter.

Below is the exact replacement process:


obraz wkład żeberkowy w poduszce 1
Before replacing the insert, mark the correct position of the current insert to the housing.


obraz wkład żeberkowy w poduszce 2
Remove a worn metal-rubber insert from the housing using a press.


obraz wkład żeberkowy w poduszce 3
After pressing out, the housing should be thoroughly cleaned of rust and all kinds of impurities. Additionally, check the general condition of the mount.


obraz wkład żeberkowy w poduszce 4
Before pressing out, lubricate the inside of the housing.


obraz wkład żeberkowy w poduszce 5
Carefully press on the outside of the insert through a properly fitted sleeve.


obraz wkład żeberkowy w poduszce 6
When pressing in, observe the position of the insert. It should be in the axis of symmetry with the socket so that the bending of the ribs proceeds correctly.


obraz wkład żeberkowy w poduszce 7
After all previous operations, the engine mount should be preserved against rust. We suggest painting it with a protective paint.


obraz wkład żeberkowy w poduszce 8
The photo shows the engine mount insert no. 00672943 for Toyota Avensis/Corolla/Celica/Corona/Carina.

Manual shown above is just a presentation showing how the repair procedure can be made. TEDGUM® company does not bear responsibility for any errors in the manual and incorrect interpretation of the manual. Repair should be proceded by skilled personel with the use of appriopriate tools and with keeping all the safety means. All rights reserved.

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