The process of replacing a glued metal-rubber bushing with a metal-polyurethane or non-glued metal-rubber bushing (Manual #21)

Below is the procedure for replacing a two-piece glued bushing with an appropriate two-piece non-glued bushing:

How to properly replace a 2-piece bushing?

Before replacement

Removing the bushing


A – Rotate element
B – While removing bushing, press on the upper surface of the inner bushing
C – Press
D – Auxiliary bushing for pressing out
E – Inner bushing
F – Control arm
G – Place blocks under control arm


Correctly removed element


Before installation of the new bushing, precisely clean the socket and make chamfer to press the new element easier

A – Make a chamfer
B – Clean the socked thoroughly
C – Control arm
D – Outer rubber bushing
E – Inner bushing



A – Surfaces to be greased
B – Press
C – Polyurethane/rubber insert
D – Control arm

All elements should be properly lubricated with the supplied silicone grease


A – Surfaces to be greased
B – Press
C – Inner bushing
D – Polyurethane/rubber insert

While pushing the inner bushing, the Press the new polyurethane / rubber insert to its half of its length, then press it on the metal bushing


A – Press to align

Press the new insert until the lower flange comes out of the lower part of the control arm.


Correctly pressed in element

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