Why choose TEDGUM?


For the customer, the TEDGUM® brand means a good quality product. For us it is a long way from designing the detail and choosing the raw material, through its processing, quality control, to delivery of the finished product to the recipient’s warehouse.

We put not only our many years of experience in our production, but also our passion for creation.

Already at the first stage of the element implementation, we check how the element behaves in the original suspension system. We analyze whether any corrections are needed to ensure that the product performs its best role in the entire system. In addition, each production of a new product is always started with the assistance of a chief technologist, which results in close cooperation of the management with production employees.

We use the services of only proven suppliers. We work with suppliers of rubber and polyurethane, who are able to custom-make material that meets our specific requirements. In addition, we carry out statistical input quality control of purchased raw materials. Such a possibility is provided by the Lloyd testing machine and close cooperation with external laboratories. We make metal details with high precision and combine the components into a finished product, which in the next stage undergoes tests to verify and confirm that each of our spare parts meets the quality requirements of OE products.

We are flexible and open to signals from the market, thanks to which we provide solutions that meet customer expectations. This approach has resulted in our product line TEDGUM® PRO, which improves the design of OE elements, thanks to which replacements last longer than original products. In addition, to meet the changing needs and growing quality requirements, we have developed and implemented a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, which has been successfully operating in our organization since 2016.

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