obraz gumy i łączniki stabilizatora

Anti-roll bar bushings and links

When cornering, each vehicle tilts in the opposite direction to the curve due to centrifugal force. On one side of the vehicle the suspension deflects and on the other extends. To counteract excessive body swing, car manufacturers began using a connection of wheel suspensions located on the same axle as the stabilizer rod. Limiting the vehicle’s tilt when cornering significantly increases driving confidence and safety.

Each wheel is coupled to the stabilizer bar by an anti-roll bar link, which are also vibration dampers. The anti-roll bar bushings are the last but extremely important element of the system and they also have the dampening role. These elements have a high impact on travel comfort and safety. Damaged, cause unbearable vibrations and noise coming from the suspension. That is why it is important that they are carefully made of selected materials with highest quality. The elements we offer ensure safe and long-term operation.

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