Disassembly of the metal-rubber-metal bushing and assembly of the metal-polyurethane bushing (2 halves) without the outer sleeve (Manual No. 24)

The following instructions show how to properly replace a metal-rubber-metal bushing with a metal-polyurethane bushing consisting of 2 halves and an inner metal sleeve.

Before disassembly



A – Rotate the element
B – While pressing out, push the upper surface of the outer sleeve
C – Press
D – Auxiliary bushing
E – Outer sleeve
F – Inner sleeve with rubber
G – Control arm
H – Support blocks under the control arm


Correctly disassembled element


A – Remember to make a chamfer before installation to facilitate installation of the new element

B – Before assembly, thoroughly clean the entire socket of all contaminants

C – Control arm
D – Outer sleeve
E – Inner sleeve with rubber



A – Surfaces to lubricate
B – Press
C – Half of a polyurethane insert
D – Control arm

Press the polyurethane bushing into the first side of the socket.


A – Surfaces to lubricate
B – Rotate the element

Turn the control arm.


A – Surfaces to lubricate
B – Press

Press in the second half of the bushing.


A – Surfaces to lubricate
B – Press
C – Inner sleeve
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