Replacing the front upper control arm bushing in BMW E60 using the TED99705 puller (Manual #46)

The manual describes the steps to be taken when replacing the upper bushing of the front upper control arm 00088783 or TED76099 (Polyurethane) using the TED99705 puller on a BMW 5 Series (E60).


Obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99705 E60 1
Lift the vehicle and remove a wheel. Afterwards, remove the engine cover which is underneath the car.


Obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99705 E60 2
The control arm is mounted next to the anti-roll bar. Remove the bolt covers and then remove the bolt by using a no. 18 socket wrench and a no. 18 wrench.


Obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99705 E60 3
Usually, the control arm is covered with road dirt. Use a non-invasive cleaner and wipe it until it is dry. The dirt may cause a control arm socket damage during replacement process.


Obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99705 E60 4
Mount the TEDGUM TED99705 bushing puller according to the included instruction. Press out the old bushing by using a ratchet and a wrench. The old bushing should be pulled out into the direction pointing to vehicle engine.


Obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99705 E60 5
Before mounting the new bushing it is necessary to clean the control arm socket and its surroundings. Afterwards, measure the socket diameters with a caliper and compare it to the new bushing. If the socket is damaged, the control arm needs to be replaced with the new one.


Obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99705 E60 6
Lubricate the new bushing and control arm socket with isopropanol. The smaller, additional hole in bushing determines the position to the control arm marking. All the markings should be in one line. The correct positioning of elements is necessary for proper forces distribution during the suspension work.


Obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99705 E60 7
With the use of TED99705 puller and according to the included instruction, press the initially positioned TEDGUM TED76099 bushing in. The bushing should be pressed into control arm socket in the opposite direction to the vehicle engine.


Obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99705 E60 8
Correctly mounted bushing should be centered in the control arm socket.


Obraz Obsługa ściagacza TED99705 E60 9
Mount back the control arm and bolt initially. Mount the wheel back and place the vehicle on its wheels. The control arm bolt should be tightened according to the manufacturer’s specification while the suspension is under load (the car stands on wheels). Afterwards, mount the bolt covers and engine cover back to the vehicle.

After the assembly we recommend a short test drive and afterwards checking the exchanged elements. It is worth knowing that the multi-link suspension has a feature of transferring the load across all of its components. One damaged element can cause damage to other elements due to uneven load transfer during suspension work. It is recommended to replace all of the swingarm bushings, unless we are sure that the others are in good condition. After the bushing replacement the wheel alingment and geometry should remain unchanged, however it is recommended to verify it.

Manual shown above is just a presentation showing how the repair procedure can be made. TEDGUM® company does not bear responsibility for any errors in the manual and incorrect interpretation of the manual. Repair should be preceded by skilled personnel with the use of appropriate tools and with keeping all the safety means. All rights reserved.

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