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Control arms

Car wishbones, trailing arms and control arms are rigid suspension elements whose main role is to connect the wheel to the chassis and coordinate the

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Polyurethane bushings

Extreme car use requires special solutions. Based on customer signals, we are constantly developing polyurethane technology, introducing more and more elements made of this extremely

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Przemysł metal

CNC machining

We are a manufacturer specializing for over 25 years in metalworking, metal-rubber and polyurethane. In addition to our automotive product line, we also provide specialized

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Polyurethane propshaft couplings

Propshaft couplings are designed to dampen vibrations transmitted through the drive shaft and protect other system components against damage. Due to the high resistance of

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Polyurethane gaskets

Gaskets made of polyurethane are especially good choice to use where the high durability and the resistance for oil and weather conditions is needed.

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Polyurethane bumper stops

The main task for bumper stops is to absorb energy what prevents it to be transmitted to the other elements, that could be damaged because

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Bushing pullers

The domain of professional car workshops is their punctuality and efficiency. The professionalism of repair in the shortest possible time is of increasing importance. A

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Suspension bushings

What are suspension bushings? The suspension is one of the most important and the most damaged parts of the vehicle. This mainly applies to suspension

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