Replacement of rubber components of AC compressor clutch in Ford – product discontinued

To prevent against summer heat during vacation trips it is good to keep Air Condition in a good shape. Sometimes filling the cooling fluid is not enough. It is recommended to check if other elements need to be fixed, i.e. rubber elements of AC compressor clutch plate. These elements are vulnerable to damage and very often user is not aware about the problem. These elements are not available at other manufacturers. If the problem occurs service usually change the whole element, what can be significantly more expensive. There is also possible to introduce these elements to other compressors if needed. Below is a manual showing how easily the replacement of rubber elements in AC Compressor in Ford Mondeo can be done.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 1
Air conditioning compressor for Ford Mondeo MK 1. The rubber bushings on the clutch need to be replaced.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 2
The first step is to remove the clutch disc from the entire compressor. Oil and rust the connections before loosening the screws.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 3
A/C compressor disc removed.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 4
Pry the clutch disc to disconnect it from the compressor. The metal should be pryed at each bushing.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 5
The photo shows how to remove rubber residue from the mandrels.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 6
Before installing new rubber bands, the surface should be lubricated, which facilitates installation and minimizes the possibility of damage to rubber components during assembly.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 7
The picture shows a repair kit of AC compressor in Ford with reference number 00226456 (rubber bushing: 00223126)


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 8
Using a special tool, pull the flange from the rubber bushing through the hole in the metal plate.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 9
Correct the flange position as shown in the picture.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 10
Lubricate the holes in the bushings to facilitate the assembly of the compressor clutch to the compressor pressure element.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 11
The photo shows two elements that we will combine in the next operation.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 12
The mandrels on the compressor pressure element should be directed at the holes in the bushings and gently pressed until the clutch compressor pressing element rests on the rubber flanges of the bushing. Repeat the operation for each of the three bushings.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 9
Correctly assembled compressor clutch with compressor pressing element.


obraz instrukcja sprzęgło sprężarki 10
After completing the above steps, tighten the clutch disc together with the pressing element to the second part of the compressor.

Kit for AC compressor for Ford is available in our catalogue under the product number 00226456.

Manual shown above is just a presentation showing how the repair procedure can be made. TEDGUM® company does not bear responsibility for any errors in the manual and incorrect interpretation of the manual. Repair should be preceded by skilled personnel with the use of appropriate tools and with keeping all the safety means. All rights reserved.

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