Instruction for TED98203 puller for BMW floating bushes on YouTube

We’ve released a new video on our YouTube channel. This time it is dedicated to replacing the floating bushing to the rear hub of the lower outer swingarm. Our TED98203 puller made it a lot easier. The video can be viewed below:

The puller allows you to make repairs directly on the vehicle without removing the rear hub. Damage to the floating bushing during replacement is a common problem faced by car repair shops. Difficult access to the socket does not make the task easier. Even a small error can damage the bushing, so it is very important to use an appropriate tool when assembling.  This tool allows to press only on the outer metal part of the bushing without pressing on the other elements.

The puller shown on the video enables proper disassembly and assembly of the bushing directly on the car. The screw has a triangle thread, which makes it highly durable. The product is made of high-strength 40HM steel.

The puller allows replacement of the 00088661 bushing.
• BMW 5 Series (E39, E60, E61);
• BMW 6 Series (E63, E64);
• BMW 7 Series (E38, E65, E66);
• BMW X5 (E53)
• BMW Z8

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