Suspension repair kits

Order bushings separately or in a kit?

The selection of suspension elements is a time-consuming activity that does not always guarantee success. Ordering the suspension bushings separately may entail the risk of mistakes and missing elements. The entire suspension set provides all elements that should be replaced at once.
Ordering a set by providing one product code also facilitates placing an order and minimizes the risk of mistake. It is especially advantageous in multi-link suspensions, where the complete set includes several different elements. TEDGUM sets are a convenience and a guarantee of a good selection of elements. Suspension kits also save time and money.

What do the TEDGUM kits contain?

The bushing kits are designed to facilitate the selection of suspension elements, which is to facilitate the completion and installation of all parts. However, in some cases, creating the entire set may be difficult due to slight differences in the suspension depending on the model version. The most common differences relate to the anti-roll bars, so most often they are not included in our sets and should be selected separately, which will be extremely simple using our catalogue. In the notes to the stabilizer bushings, there is information about the bar diameter. Before ordering, it is enough to measure the stabilizer bar and order the appropriate set of rubber bushings. Sometimes the differences relate to other bushings and in these cases, such bushings do not contain “problematic” elements, which should be ordered separately, or 2 different kits are offered that differ in these bushings.

The kit can include front suspension bushings, rear suspension bushings or bushings that make up the complete suspension of a given model.

How do I find the bushing kit number?

1. Make selection

From the main catalogue window, select the car brand for which you are looking for parts

2. Model selection

Select the car model

3. Choice of year (and version)

Select the model year (and version, if applicable) for the front or rear suspension of the car

4. Kit selection

After selecting the year, a window with the suspension scheme will appear, and on the right (or at the bottom for smaller screens) you will see a list of elements available for the given scheme. If a set of bushings is available for a given model, it will be visible among the available elements.

5. Suspension kit details

The name of the set gives information whether the set applies to the front, rear or the entire suspension. Above is also a list of schematic numbers that are included in the set. In the lower-right corner of the set window, there is the DETAILS button, that will lead you to the details window.

6. Components of the suspension kit

When you hover over the set on the diagram, its components will be highlighted. Please note that the suspension diagram is one side and most of the components included (with a few exceptions) are 2 pieces (for the right and left side of the suspension). If the set concerns the front and rear suspension, the diagram will show only the elements of the selected diagram.

7. ID of the suspension kit

The ID number is at the top of the lot window. This is the number under which the complete set of bushings can be ordered.

8. Quantity of bushings in the kit

The component notes contain information on how many bushings are included in the set and other relevant information.

9. Kit details window

As with individual components, also with a complete set, the detail view shows application details such as year, capacity, model type and engine type

To find suspension repair kit, visit our free online catalogue at:

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