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Suspension bushings

Suspension is one of the most important and also the most damaged elements of the vehicle. This mainly applies to swingarms, mainly metal-rubber bushings. Despite

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Engine mounts

The engine mount is the element that connects the engine to the vehicle body. It is responsible for damping vibrations, as well as reducing noise

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Bumper stops

Bumpers stops are extremely important element of the suspension system. If the vehicle overcomes abrupt unevenness (e.g. a steep curb descent) without functional bumpers, a

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Engine mount inserts

Engine mount inserts are a much cheaper solution than a complete element, which is often not available on the market or available only as an

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Shock absorber upper mounts

The upper shock absorber mounts have an important function in safe driving. The body and the suspension column are connected by a bearing, which must

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Flexible rubber discs

The flexible shaft joint (flexible disc, flexible rubber joint) is an element that usually consists of a rubber disc, metal bushings and an internal braid.

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Support bearings

Support bearings (driveshaft bearings, propshaft mounts) are the driveshaft elements that are applied in the car if rear drive shaft is divided to 2 or

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Transmission mounts

Transmission mounts are metal-rubber elements that perform the assembly function and at the same time are designed to provide comfort. It is a consumable element

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Fuel hoses

Fuel hoses are a very important element of the entire power supply system. It should be remembered that petroleum products dissolve rubber and the usual

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